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Healthy Meals Delivered to Your Doorstep

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Why ProMeals?

To get started, you can choose between our a la carte service for one-time orders and our meal plan service for recurring deliveries.

Our a la carte service is your go-to for one-time orders. You can choose from varied menus such as Low Calorie, High Protein, Keto, Plant-Based, and even a custom section where you can build meals according to your measurements. We also offer healthy snacks and options by the pound.

With the meal plan service, you set up a recurring delivery. Local customers receive their orders every Sunday, while FedEx customers receive theirs every Friday. You can choose your meals weekly or let our team create a meal plan based on your ingredient exclusion preferences.

Yes, we also offer a line of cold-pressed juices and juice cleanses, & healthy Snacks available for a la carte orders.

ProMeals stands out by guaranteeing freshly prepared meals with each order. We provide unmatched convenience through our free next-day delivery and nationwide overnight shipping. Catering to diverse dietary needs, we offer customizable meal options and a user-friendly ordering system that accommodates both one-time and recurring deliveries. This makes it simple for customers to incorporate healthy eating into their busy lives.

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